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Monday, December 1, 2008 VOLUME 7 ISSUE 329  

Odessa, Washington Biodiesel Plant Produces 1st Spec Batch

Green Star Products, Inc. said in a news release that its Inland Empire Oilseeds Biodiesel Facility in Odessa, Washington, has been completed, with the plant producing 36,000 gallons of spec biodiesel to satisfy contractual obligations.

The company said the biodiesel fuel was tested by an independent certified lab and met ASTM 6751 specifications.

“All new US biodiesel production plants must submit an independent analysis of produced biodiesel fuel to the US EPA in order to receive a certificate to sell biodiesel fuel,” explains Green Star Products.

The Odessa biodiesel facility received its EPA certificate on Nov. 21.

The facility’s production capacity is initially rated at 8 million gallons per year, with equipment already installed to expand capacity to 16 million gallons per year.

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